Alain Richard


Mid-summer carburetor icing

To all my pilot friends, I beg you, before each takeoff, especially if you have just landed, check for carburetor icing, and teach your students to take the habit of doing so. Not necessarily a full run-up, just a mag check and carb heat. On a hot and humid day: short circuits + brief stop = carb icing  -> then… Read more →

Sun 'n Fun 2014Sun 'n Fun 2014

Sun ‘n Fun 2014

Sébastien Maltais brings back this set of images captured at the first really big event of the season in aviation: Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, April 1 to 6 2014. Also attending were Patrick Pelletier, Hugo Tessier and Eduardo Andrade. They took the more traditional route to reach the event: commercial airlines.

Stade Olympique

The Ville Marie Circuit

One of the first flights I made as private pilot was the Ville Marie circuit on November 17, 2009. This trip takes us through metropolitan control zones that seem quite daunting at first . I had not made any recreational flights as a passenger during my private pilot training, so I had little or no idea of what to expect… Read more →

CJAD 800

Commercial AM radio stations

The image shows  radio station CJAD as overflown by Cessna 172 C-GNDP , equipped with the ADF receiver whose instrument points to the station. Here is a list of AM stations that can be heard during daylight from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu , as observed on 18 April 2014. The situation changes drastically at night, and I will publish a  list of stations… Read more →

Internet aviation resources

This week, I offer you a selection of key websites that specifically concern flight training. Nav Canada The unavoidable. The official source of data for planning a flight. You can check the weather for the Canadian aviation, winds aloft, NOTAMs, and many other services too numerous to describe here in detail. This site will be more detailed in a future… Read more →