Alain Richard, founder

Alain RichardAlain received his first wings as a glider pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets in 1988. While completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, he also obtained his CPL and Instructor Rating.

In 2002 he co-founded a Montreal flight school where he was CFI for 7 years. Alain then started his own FTU in 2009 where he also held the position of CFI. Over the years, he has maintained the positions of Accountable Executive, Authorized Person (Fixed Wing and Balloon), Chief Pilot, and Person Responsible for Maintenance. Alain currently holds a Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating, ATPL (TC and FAA), and holds a PPC on the DH-8 working as a co-pilot for Air Inuit Ltd.


Name: Alain Richard
Mobile: 514 502-0499


Total Flight Hours: 5000 hours
Qualifications: ATPL, DH-8, Class I Instructor
Aircraft types flown: B-24R, BE-10, C-150, C-152, C-172, C-177, C-208B, CH2000, DA20-C1, DA40, DHC-6-300, DH-8-100, DH-8-300, PA23, PA23-250, PA28-140, PA28-151, PA28-161, PA28R-200, PA44-180

Training taught

Recreational: On Request
Private: On Request
Professional: On Request
Night: On Request
VFR OTT: On Request
Multi: On Request
IFR Mono: On Request
IFR Multi: On Request
Instructor: On Request


On Request.

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