How to become a pilot?

More accessible that we can imagine…

The minimum age requirement to fly in Canada is 16 years old, and there is no limit of age for older people.

A periodic medical exam from the Civil Aviation Medical Examiner is the only condition required to obtain or maintain a pilot licence.

No one has to be like an olympic athlete or like a military pilot! If you are healthy, even if you wear glasses, you have all you need to fly.

For those who wish to become private or professional pilot, contact a medical examiner which has been approved by Transport Canada. For recreational pilots, a family physician can complete the medical declaration form.

Contact us in order to get the name of the medical examiner in your region or visit the Transport Canada Website for all the details concerning the medical standards applied to Canadian pilots.

For the medical declaration form, come at Devenir Pilote Inc. and it will be our pleasure to give you one.

There are various financing possibilities, but you should be aware that you don’t have to pay the total amount at the beginning of the formation. Indeed the formation proceeds at the rate/rhythm of each candidate. Tax credits are available for a professional pilot formation.

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