A Pilot’s license at age 68 !

02-Suzanne et Raymond

Why ? Shouldn’t we ask … why not! But in my case , the answer lies in the open letter that I published in ” L’Info qui Plane ” by Jacques Tardif after getting my recreational pilot permit on May 17, 2012. In short, it was a dream that simmered within me for over 60 years …..

Concerns ? As long as getting my pilot’s license remained a dream, I felt safe. I told myself “one day” ….. I was constantly in control of all aircraft , past, present and future and I dreamt…… but undertaking studies to get a real pilot’s license at age 67 years put me in a position of no return …. If I fail my dream is gone ….. no more dream ..

Was it easy ? Yes, I think so. I showed up to study before my colleagues and instructors with the same passion that allowed me to keep this dream intact during all these years. Studying became a game, it became… fun.

Failures? certainly , there were several , but not enough to put an end to this wonderful adventure. Let’s just say that could have qualified as disappointments …

Trick? I visualize all the documents ….. in addition to reading, I transcribe them .. The clouds, I draw ……. Flight instruments , I photograph and edit them … the P -STAR , I had a copy in my computer of course, but also Suzanne’s ( my wife) car, my truck and also in my tackle box …. oh , there you need allies and your grandchildren are perfect in this role … for example … the P -Star … a question, an answer. In addition , they become a source of inspiration because you do not want to disappoint them do you? …

I sincerely believe that obtaining a recreational or private pilot license is something really extraordinary . It throws you into a whole other dimension . Who does not remember his first solo, written exam or final checkride? … I wish this experience on everyone and particularly those of a certain age ….. an age of wisdom …. to those who have a dream …. the pleasure of the accomplishment is five times greater …. I got my recreational pilot license at the age 68, Suzanne swears I have not aged since . Would that be the key to Eternal life ?

Raymond Perreault, pilot

Note: In my opinion , the choice of the flight school is crucial. Leasing, services and the instructors’ experience are items to be considered seriously . Devenir Pilote Flying School in St- Jean -sur-Richelieu airport is indicated. See their website or better yet , go visit them … they take special care of the elderly …

I asked some questions to Raymond and he took the initiative to write this letter which I publshed as is. I hope to have other impressions of pilots who have passed through this school. Paths taken, strengths and weaknesses are different for everyone, and there have certainly found creative ways to get through the tests. – Alain Pepin

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