Internet aviation resources

This week, I offer you a selection of key websites that specifically concern flight training.

Nav Canada
The unavoidable. The official source of data for planning a flight. You can check the weather for the Canadian aviation, winds aloft, NOTAMs, and many other services too numerous to describe here in detail. This site will be more detailed in a future edition of the newsletter.

Airinstruction is an ideal complement to the theoretical course given at Devenir Pilote. This site, produced locally with familiar examples, illustrates the operation of navigation instruments. There are also many animations to explain  flight instruments’ reactions to various situations, such as errors of the compass, and even Montreal area controlled airspace.
This site allows you to know the characteristics of all American airports, and disseminate all relevant aeronautical charts. Green dots, blue or red represent weather stations. Rolling over each item with the mouse reveals the latest observations and forecasts (METAR and TAF). The Flight Plan window is used to calculate distance and time between selected destinations. It is said that this is not an official site for the purpose of air navigation, but let’s readily admit that it’s still more accurate than connecting two points on two different charts or even worse, on two different sides of the same chart!
Allows you to view arrivals and departures from the airport of your choice. Also possible to monitor the progress of a particular flight, or the last IFR flight of a private aircraft, such as C-GNDP or C-GBSN. A subscription allows you to view the complete history of arrivals, departures and routes.

Allows you to view the path of an aircraft. Clicking a radar echo, a window appears on the left. By pressing the 3D option , you can get a Google Earth” view  from the cockpit and an image of the heading indicator, airspeed and altimeter gauges.

LiveATC allows almost hear live communications of a large number of airports around the world , including Saint-Jean (CYJN), St-Hubert (CYHU), Dorval (CYUL) and Burlington (KBTV) . You can also access up to 30 days of archived communications. By selecting a date and UTC time, we also see the weather conditions that prevailed during the period in question.
This American site dedicated to meteorology diffuse projections for the general public, which are extraordinarily more accurate than anything we can find on TV or in the mainstream media. By choosing the desired location under the “Forecast” tab and then “Hourly“, we find forecasts for every hour (for 48 hours) listing temperature, humidity, probability of precipitation, cloud cover (in percentage), wind speed and direction. For what is forecast for Saint-Jean , I suggest using the forecast for Rouses Point (NY), which is a surprisingly accurate.

Pilotfriend contains a database of weather data , aircraft characteristics, flight computers, etc.

-Alain Pepin, April 4, 2014

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