Commercial AM radio stations

CJAD 800
CJAD 800

The image shows  radio station CJAD as overflown by Cessna 172 C-GNDP , equipped with the ADF receiver whose instrument points to the station.

Here is a list of AM stations that can be heard during daylight from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu , as observed on 18 April 2014. The situation changes drastically at night, and I will publish a  list of stations most likely to be captured at night in a later article.

550       WDEV            Waterbury, VT

580       CFRA            Ottawa, ON

620       WVMT            Burlington, VT

690       CKGM            Montreal, QC    “TSN Sports Radio”

730       CKAC            Montreal, QC    “Radio Circulation 730”

760       WCHP            Champlain, NY

800       CJAD            Montreal, QC

960       WEAV            Platsburgh, NY  “960 The Zone”

1040     CJMS            St-Constant, QC

1070     WTWK            Plattsburgh, NY             “Bloomberg Radio”

1200     CFGO            Ottawa, ON       “The Team 1200 Sports Radio”

1280     CFMB            Montréal, QC

1310     CIWW            Ottawa, ON       “News 1310”

1340     WIRY            Plattsburgh, NY

1390     WCAT            Burlington, VT  “Cruisin’ 93.7 FM”

1410     CJWI            Montréal, QC    “C-PAM”

1420     WRSA            St-Albans, VT            “Cruisin’ 93.7 FM”

1450     CHOU            Montréal, QC

1570     CJLV            Laval, QC

1650     CJRS            Montréal, QC

1690    CJLO            Montréal, QC

-Alain Pepin, April 18 2014

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